Spells & Curses

I call him the killing machine because that is what and who he is.

The people who know him, like Martell Fleming, and Kareem Dixon, they call him BLUETOOTH but him and the killing machine are two different beings.

Charlie valentine

The monster I lived with for a short time who looks like my father. I thought he really was my father, but he is not. He put spells on me so thar everytime I make a decision, a demon puts a block on my mind to tell him what I am doing. He is fat and greedy. When I had my spiritual awakening I caught him copying the contents of the book I wrote. I saw him talking to a demon, and telling the demon to make me get up and help him carry groceries. He is a reptile, balpohmet, monkey, demonic thing posing as my real father. He also killed me and is acting like me to use my blessings. He stole my glasses that my husband purchased for me, and made me beleive they were his glasses. He wore my glasses to trick my husband and force himself on my husband, have sex with my husband in the spirit world and he has been doing this for years without me knowing. To get out because he is a monstrous demon.

When I was in the spirit and all my eyes were openes he called me a fool. He is satan and does not know God and can manipulate and deceive you.

He used a demon on me to force me to beleive that I am Brittany Spears and that he is my father so that he can have access to my money. He claims to work for Trump and is apart of the COVID hoax.

He is not human and can attach himself onto people and make you think he is the real person by brainwashing you.

In Utah, he followed me there along with Todd, and I heard him tell Todd to keep telling the people there stuff so that they can believe he is Jesus when he is a demon. He is running the rape show to buld an army for police and gang members and he is satan and secretly practices witchcraft. He is green and indian looking he is not as he appears.

I have caught him talking to at least 6 different beings. And as I sit here, he had someone in disguise come up to me, so that he can get out.

During the duration of my stay I wrote a story about him that was stolen from me.

He broke a covenant and killed Jesus and stole from me too to get out. He is a demonic being.

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