So I walk into the store (of course I have been followed and toyed with for the past few hours).

I have been attacked in my mind by something that switched my point of view and changed my mind.

I was forced to go into the Westin hotel to drink coffee after they announced in my face I am going to get coffee, without really giving me my mind to think. Onside the hotel there was a production company there for a show called Hacks. There was a room for hair and makeup.

I walked into walgreens and was for to stand in front of a register and to look at a hat that said Hustler on it, as in to say,

HUSTLE HER, HUSTLE DANIELLE. KILL HER BLESSINGS AND GIVE THEM AWAY. Blessings are the way I gix my makeup and fix my hair, my face, my life, my kids, my education. My fame, my stardom.

They tried to force me to eat somewhere and drink more coffee to further kill Jesus and people on the other side. And for the people on the other side that witnessed the truth, that it is the antichrist, they were brainwashed again.

I could hear but not see a man telling the people in the store to tell me to put a mask on.

The way they have been communicating is through non verbal cues. Grabbing watermelon means they are either trying to make me Beyonce or that it is Beyonce doing this to me. Give my soul to beyonce. Soul transference.

She sings Watermelon in her song and when I go out to public places they try to make be buy things with watermelon in it. This woman/zombie circled me and has watermelon in her hand.

Most likely a police officer

Beyonce lyrics

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