I heard a man say that he was offered $50,000 to kill me, and another one is looking for a witch.

This time it is Janet Jackson. And I am her long lost daughter again and Chico Debarge is my father. That is the backstory to Janet Jackson. And, she believes I was born with something wrong with and that is why she gave me away.

They just made me do this:

And about 15% of my days of living a lie, they force me to do this as they communicate to figure out if it is the dynasty, so they can kill me again:

It is the ROC dynasty sign Beyonce holds up. They are looking to kill me and steal Nefertiti out of me. Long story about that one.

I was just told I am not wrapped too tight. I am wrapped just fine. You keep putting demons in my head to show me fake things and it is you and your friends and other people that I named to steal from me and I want to see my family, my life, and live.

I dare you to approach me or do something about what I am proving.

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