The Lion Of Judah

I saw the Lion King in Utah. I spent a few months there, in Jordan, Ephraim, Daybreak, Bountiful. I would travel back and forth through all of the towns. One night I saw a big beastly thing threatening me in the air. It was a lion and I said no way is he Jesus because he kept telling me that my power is his and if I am not on his side then I am his enemy.

I thought I am here, in a Holy state wondering what in the world is attacking me. No way could the lion be Jesus. Then I remembered a trip I took in New York. I visited the library and read old texts and maps.

I forget the name of it, but it begans with an E. It was an a special part of the library where ancient books are kept. The name of the preserved book starts with an E.

I remember flipping through pages of old maps and seeing figures of a lion as a sigil like figure, and seeing the wife as a dragon. These figures were/are apart of the government in some way and I thought to myself, that is not Jesus.

But then the lion spoke to me softly as Jesus and told me I don’t know him that well. He was changed.

Gods were changed to something more than just human. He looked at me with peach fuzz on his chin, and a lion like face. Later on he showed his vulerability and I could never hate him.

He looked very different from the lion beast I saw in Utah.

I also saw a tall, white clouded being in the middle of the highway. He raised his arm and pounded it down in the air.

I see pictures of Krishna holding a moon and other symbols. One day I was angry thinking well, they sensationalized the gods and have no idea what the Gods thought about their own being. Krishna drank poison in the past. I do not think he drank poison as a dietary supplement. But I think Krishna is the blue Genie who grants wishes.

But this post is really about Jesus. If you get upstairs and happen to see him, would you downtalk him and call him animal and take advantage of him when he needs your praise and uplifting love?

If I am wounded and out of my mind, can I trust that you would geniounely love and take care of me?

This is why they do not want me upstairs, because I tell the truth. Gods and Angels are appointed positions of authority. Along comes the lowers, out to embarass, name made up flaws based off of their own ignorant superficial views, to gain an audience, to try and wound the integrity of God and many others. I find you do this to him when he needs you the most. You put him down and call him names when he needs your love.

And when I point these faults out, I am the most hated for saying it. I am mean, and need to be removed from my position. Then you work very hard at finding wrongs in me, or setting up plots for me to fall in. It is the nature of your secret society of loser.


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