Issues with spiritual awakening (what to expect)

1. Arrested for grilling fish on the beach

2. Given a ticket for crossing the street because I pushed my luggage too hard.

After this experience in the spirit world, this happened:After walking away I could taste candy in my mouth. Someone was on my face watching the entire exhange as I walked away. I thought maybe my ex, or Shawnee. It was someone eating hard cardy I use to eat and they watched the entire exchange. Then, I heard someone say Yamaira is a cop. Nope..

3. Given a ticket for driving without imediately putting my lights on when it was a brand new company rental car I just adjusted too

4. Given a ticket for speeding when I was not

5. There is more…besides the above

6. Greedy possessed family, friends and strangers turn on you

7. Your day is not bright and happy here because they literally take your joy away out of your body

8. There are people around that you cannot see

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