Paradigm: Angry Black Woman (Criminal)

I was put into handcuffs, told I would be jailed if I did not put my hands on the vehicle, and my legs were kicked. I was told this by two animals in a uniform. The first is a short thing, with thick false lashes on who has a control problem and the need to get acceptance by another animal to say that she is the boss in her own mind. She needs the reassurance because her life does not amount to anything else. She wants to be a star. She does not know how to speak to people, she is still in animal training (diaper remedial stage). The other two, one does not beleive in God (his words after I said God bless you) and the other is a psychopath all grouped together for a team-efforted pat on the back of pure confidence to say that we are tough and not bitches as we originally thought.

R. Benzine (Keep exploring Dora! D D Doraaaa, D D Doraaaa)

What a shift in your career

Hey student, we both gave each other a public record.

“And we communicated by doggie talk with another dog outside to check and see if our country went to war. We arrested this angry black woman because it is just what we do. Wait I am sorry, we used force to make her think we would arrest her but we gave her a ticket for pushing her luggage across the street alittle too hard. We followed her after she left the sushi restaurwant.”

I promised one of them a raise. The other two are more concerned about how they look. I promised them they would get nothing from me and if it were my money they wanted or freedom from me, they were not getting it. If you are reading this, that is what I meant. I told them that I am blessed after they asked me why I was smiling.

My face, the reason why I have that expression is because of the absurdity of the situation, her tone, the fact that she was adament that her job was being done correctly as she voiced that crossing the street on a red signal is a crime. That look is a woman you are sick look, but I didn’t say it. What is ironic,is that the spirit attached to me told me she was sick afterwards, and that entity is the enemy! I kept my mouth shut and smiled because they are tools in this situation just like me. The difference between them and myself is that I knew this knowledge the entire time.

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