The plane shakes

Her name is Danielle Radford, can you please look after her?

I hear that question in spirit, appalled by the question. That is the last of what really just happened.

I am on a flight and the plane shakes. It shakes me out of my catnap. Before I sat on the plane, I heard a man say that someone needs to be on the plane with me because I am dangerous. The plane could crash.

A white woman spirit comes in me and all of a sudden they are passing out food on the plane. I say, I need Coca-Cola. I grab an empty cup on ice and pour the soda into the cup before snaking on chips.

It registers in my mind that someone just treated me like a dog, and put a dog on me to control me on the plane.

Here is what we are going to do, have her walk around with no money, nowhere, like we always do.

A voice in my heart whispers to stay on the plane after this one lands. Then, the thought leaves my brain, and instead, someone cursed me and forces me to have a picture in my mind of me sucking a mexican mans penis and him shouting, giving Alicia Keys oral sex. I hear my ex crying, he wept that, that is not Danielle, thar is not who she is. He cries for my honor and respect. And I heard someone say did you hear him, I hate when he crys, shut him off.

I look around and there are about 15 people on with army clothing. Army families but I think they are truly in disguise.

I had a thought that when the plane shook, it had to be the best way to die. I thought about Aaliyah’s passing and then I was give another sight.

Then they show me having sex with Nasir Jones. And he became angry and said who is she giving a blow job too.

Do you see how they took my concetration, and thought process, and put me into the category of whore and prostitute? Alexis Evans, and Jasmine Evans does that to me. I was told it was Brande Radford on the plane, in disguise. When I got off of the plane I heard her say that it was her acting like me, to have my joy and blessings.

But the army and so many people have acting in disguise near me, posing as my family. It is dangerous to sit next to someone you cannot see. But, it is for their safety.

When I got off of the plane, I did not forget to get back on, they took that whisper out of my mind to rob me of another blessing.

They think I am their pet, and I do not really know who they are because I cannot see them. Someone said did you see that, I saw Brittany Spears messing with her.

My final agenda that they cursed me with to live today with was “Danielle is a tourist”. Brainwash me to be mindless and braindead.

That means I will wall around unnoticed and people will believe I am a tourist and not entrapped. They are acting around me and it is called human trafficking. No one has ever spoke to me and said Danielle you are dangerous, not a real person. Just public outbursts and power of suggestion.

I could hear them still, talking outside to a celebrity. He just told them he is being controlled and needs my help.

I cannot help but say,

I hate my life.

I am out of money because I spent my money at the casino, all 200 of it, on food and entertainment, when I am truly rich.

So next, their words will be, Danielle does not know how to take care of herself, or manage money. I have an Accounting degree.

Her name is Danielle Radford, can you please look after her? Now, when they tell strangers things about me, they say I am retarded and suicidal.

So now, I am the one who needs help. They steal from me and create these types of daily lives for me to live.

When I walked away to pick up my luggage, I felt them use witchcraft to remove my lifeforce from my body. I am retarded when I am that way. And if I am retarded, in ghost form off of my body, and someone is cursing me out I am defenseless. Because, if you cursed me out while I am in my body, to my face, I would knock you the fuck out. I just felt someone finger me, and they said it is Paul. I think that is a lie, they do alot of nasty things to me and I cannot physically see because they kill me. I am dead again. Someone just had sex with me retarded, and returned me to my. I saw I white man crying, his face, and he said Danielle, it is your daughter crying. If true, that means someone is raping her somewhere.

But me writing this, puts me in the victim, pity party paradigm now.

They hate me, they hate me, they hate me, yeah, I am so dangerous that they can’t seem to stay away from my money and blessings.

This is all around me. And if my mind and inagination sees nothing but people around me in army wear, my mind might believe it so that the army can use me. But, it is not really the army I am around. It is a fake visual.

Do you see the army clothing? I am suppose to act like I am in the army. I have many times and still reached nowhere.

More army clothing

With actors in them, reading from what seems like a planned script. I hear them talking about this Washington DC.

I guess they are recruiting again. Click the posts below.

FBI Post One

FBI Post Two

I am by myself again, and feel tears falling down my face. My ex or daughter, idk. My brother? I always feel the tears of my daughter, and hear her say I just wanna see my mom. I need my mom.

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