Think (Busted)

I am tired of something telling me what to think. I do not want to hear your voice.

I also saw one of the redheads at the airport, walking fierce like she was me. She told me Danielle this is why we won, and everyone know, “we” won, by killing me and using me like I am a sleeve or tshirt.

She was a college classmate in my first poetry workshop Rafferty. She lied about being an accountant, she may be an officer.

Someone grabbed my face and tongue me and it looked alot like alicia keys but it could have been this woman in disguise in another dimension. She claimed she needed to save my life and her own by kissing me to get out. But then I also felt love she felt for my ex whereever they are, and realized why they were all still there AND the fact that they all fawned over him thinking he was Dick Tracey.

I heard the conversation.

Something that looks like Kanye West punched me in the face because I told him he sang his life in the airwaves in the song Golddigger when he said “and when he get on he’ll leave your ass for a white girl”

I told him he left a black woman for a white one and he told his own destiny in his music gold digger, and he got mad because I called Kim white, and punched me in the face. He was angry because he said he saved my life and I didn’t care. Not really. He was mad because I was not complacent, a “yes” woman.

Then i saw him in a recording studio, he said his wife was prettier so he thought she deserved my life. So he took my power, and gave her my life.

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