The Kundalini, Part I

Genesis 2:17

The day you shall eat you shall surely die. You must not eat from the tree of knowledge.

Adam and Eve were naked and free, bare, and happy, joyous without any evil or negativity in their mind, around them, in there circle, because the firmament hid them.

The Serpent Genesis 3:5

American Standard Version

From the day you eat from the garden you shall be Gods

For God knew that in whatever day ye should eat of it your eyes would be opened, and ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil


The serpent beguild me and I did eat.

Genesis 3:13

The serpent deceived me and I ate


The Kundalini is the snake in the garden. You eat the apple when your eyes are open, both are the same concept and if you are still here, you are in hell, around demons.

The serpent is the one who opens your eyes. The serpent is in your chakras.

I warn you against this. You are a God when the serpent opens your eyes and if you do not hear the call or get out you will be put through many tests until you get out.

From this point, after you break The Matrix, if you do not get out in time, God and everything here, will turn on you because negative spirits get into your mind, rejecting everything in the word. The serpent will try to turn you against God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I am in that place right now and what I hear and see are people turning against Jesus, an evil spirit claiming to be me and placing a spell on the good I read in the word. I hear good and bad people denying the bible and the truth.

They are being very disrespectful towards God and are treating him like the hated guy next door.

And some people upstairs in Gods circle are also setting people up to see what would happen if you became a God like him, and saw who he was.

They have set people up as in encouraging others to read material about opening the eye and how the kundalini is great without telling them everything. The full truth about it.

The Kundalini comes with Godhood and you will need guidance. And if you do not have the knowledge to guide you as a precaution for what confronts you, Godhood, you will be put in hell and seen as an enemy with the wrong encouragement and guidance from the enemy’s circle.

Godhood means you will be changed as a God forever, or you will be put in Hell if you do not make it to God. Your old life is gone from this point on.

There are no other options. The Matrix is the final door to get you to Jesus or make you a God. If you do not make it in you will go through several trials to get back.

If you open the Kundalini, you will have to master this to win or else the snake, the enemy, the devil, will master you.


You will be a God or Goddess. You will have to fight the demons following you around. Krishna below, is the demon destroyer. You will not have any other choice but to fight demons because they are known to go after you and your family.

You have to master them.

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