Shapeshifter Balphomet

He has eyes like this:

Hair like this:

He is really this and uses many faces:

He also looks and acts like this with black hair, black eyes in a white mist. They peel your skin, nails, body to wear it:

He can grow tall and can make hinself toddler short. He does this to make people laugh but he is a murderer, mean, not a nice guy as he acts.

When he shows off to his army recruits, he changes himself to the octopus looking monster to kill people. He has done that 4 times to me in Florida when I was stranded outside of the hotel in the parking lot. He used this thing to go inside of my nose and brain and burned me. At the hotel, they were book for free. Of course it was free for him and his recruitments. A black man was nice enough to give me 200.00 out of his pocket to flee.

This white man is a weak mother fucker who beats on women.


He plays Christoper Columbus. He just sprayed me in the eyes with mase on the other side because he is a punk.

He has had sex with me in front of his friends after brainwashing me on the other side and his friends think we are a happy couple. We are not a couple.

A name he goes by is Frank.

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