I felt a white presence behind me and saw a man in a white robe. He had a glossy presence, black chin length wavy curls. I would say Jesus, but. I have seen so many of Jesus to tell you how many there are. He could have been a saint or angel. He is someone. He told me something. I turned to walk into a building and then I

turned back to go sit back into the sun.

I heard the voice of my ex say you see how easy it is to decieve her, I was here first. That is all I am going to do, decieve her. See, he thought I was inside of the building and did not see that I walked back outside, into there conversation.

This is over the fact that my husband told me not to eat a bagel because it is fake. I said if it is fake what would matter if I ate it or not, meaning,I have been here a really long time listening and nothing else happens. I love my husband, and he knows who I am.

That was the whiny voice of satan.

Satan is known to say I am better, and he convinces other people to join him. He whines and cries, and lies.

(Then I saw David, a flashback of him, and Nefertiti.)

The man in the white robe wrote this Manipulative Games

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