Mexican Chicken Coop

Today, I saw an older mexican man slap and beat up another one. They were in a small chicken coop area over a dirty dessert reddish floor. This was in the mob bosses backyard.

He said you messed up. Did you take her daughter? Did you know who they were?

The one who was slapped said I took her daughter, I don’t know why. I took her from her family because they…he was about to say because her family was dangerous.

Look she is in the room in there.

I saw that and almost felt the slap. You are getting your ass whipped.

I hear my daughter crying and she just said to someone that she is still trying. She didn’t give up.

The mexican that was slapped is short but the one hanging around her has chinky eyes, pale-ish skin.

I heard a man say that Danielle is gonna love me. He said it is the UI Company.

This is Arizona

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