The truth

This is what is really happening. The army, which is really satan, is sending his messengers to me to show me fake visions. They call it Lala land. The demon in my head shows me all kinds of lies to hide many truths.

One being that the army, instead of them being friendly, acting like we are friends, they are actually attacking me and hiding it from my mind. They are attacking men who have reached their highest potential and spiritual warriors.

I have heard them also say they want to go after the dynasty. When I say something or complain, they touch my private area and say oh don’t you like this, to call me a whore. They have been touching me on my clitoris for the past 2 days now. The real people hurting they duplicated in my mind to show me the fake ones. Their is war going on and if you hav spirits talking to you, telling you they are helping you they are lying to your face. They are hiding the truth from you.

The same people who are helping me I can hear them using threatening words like I dare her to do this and that. Make a move I will kill you, attack you, beat your ass.

The threats were expected. They are on my ship and it is time for you all to go back home.

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