Getting home soon

I am looking at these beautiful people lie down poolside as I sit inside the lobby of a hotel. Alot has happened last night into this morning. I just felt something literally get nailed into the back of my head. I have been hearing that is Charlize Theron and Gewn Stefani all morning, then the antichrist. I saw Kim Kardashian a few times as satan. She said I am prettier than you and I am my sisters ahahahahah. 🙄

All that was heard lastnight was that Yamaira is the one who was the major ome in cahoots to keep me from my family, my kids. The man who was crying to me, his name is Wilfredo, he was crying because I have been stuck here for years, and Yamaira has lied to police about him, blaming him for a crime he didnt commit, and my family saw me yesterday and they know what happened. He cried she knows what we did to her too.

Then, my older sister gave domething to Nas, my life? 😒 I was suppose to believe that.

So much has happened and yet I am still leaving this lie. And Lydia is here, my exs ex from 20 years ago. Why? Idk.

I saw a pastor who tool full responsiblity for killing me and scaring my daughter in spirit. I saq him as a beast with hind legs, and my daughter cried he was satan, and i also saw him having sex with 2 other womem. He is a black man in south carolina. He said he took my things and was mas he didnt take more. He is my fathers friend (supposedly).


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