I am at the casino where I was first attacked in my mind after my luggage was stolen.

I sat right there

I just heard a foreign man say I got all my family out of her, I am done. Now, What really happened, this guy must be apart of the foriegn man’s family.

I just heard him say alot of things about me, and how he wanted to hurt me but not yet, and I heard Shariff? One of them say, they are watching you. We will wait. He said he worked for the president.

Then someone said I heard Margarita, thry are holding her hostage. This man is evil.

Who is apart of this fun? Tish?

He may own this casino or work here.

I feel pain in my toes and fingers. Satan does that, he was summoned by one of these people.

The short white blonde man is leaving tomorrow, and I have to go with him or else it is not going to work.

They said her ex said he buried her. Noone knows where she is.

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