I went on a guided tour for an apartment today. I have been looking for an apartment within this past year.

It simply is not my time yet because credit says so (Foreclosure, student loans)…

But as the senior manager at The Degree showed me around, I ventured into the second bedroom and the alarm blasted all around my head.

At first I thought what is that? The apartment alarm or fire alarm? It was the fire alarm. You could hear the speaker sound so close to my long lost eardrums.

If you have not read it, I will tell you. The paranormal monsters burned my eardrums off. I talk very loud sometimes as result but I heard the firealarm echo in my ears as if it qere going on imside me.

I know the paranormal side, beyond spirit world, does underhanded things to patients like giving unwanted, unapproved surgery, overcharging etc.

Some THING put devices inside my eardrums.

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