If I know you, and you read my posts…

Please figure this out for me. I think it was Hemingway who said that Zelda Fitzgerald was crazy. He said, “Look at her eyes. Look into her eyes.”

There is nothing there.

I am a vessel, ok? Keep reading.

I need you to do this for me. I need you to look into the eyes of the person in the first photo. I have talked with this woman before and I know her but cannot remember her name but when she talks to you, she squints, when talking about a serious topic. She has black hair and is a pretty woman. I cannot remember who she is.

It was taken out of my memory. She wears black kohl liner.

The next photo. Well first of all, if you do mot understand what is going on, I am a victim of identity theft but, I also have women inside of me who apparently are better than me and have slept with my husband or want to. My oldest sister told me this woman’s name is Roman-need-a.

Roman is the last name. Go figure.

Anyhow, this woman Romaneeda is stealing my money. She has followed me to Florida and is a nasty woman. She talks like she owns me, says oh she is not going here or there etc. She has black here. Both of these women are staring into the camera to look for my husband.

Can you see the desparate desparity in her gaze? Almost like, honey I am better I miss you please please please I will do anything to have sex with you for one more night baby. I need a hug gaze.

I am a vessel and these women are a disgrace. Well, not all of them. But I just felt my head reatttach to my body.

Come one honey you know me. I miss you.

This one is indian and a trouble maker and I want to say my daughter but is very scary. She is a shapeshifter and has told me she is Nefertitit but, with an ancient accent that I will NEVER FORGET.

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