This is how fake he is with me. I sat outside and Jesus told me to leave my things behind, and walk away. I did.

When I reached a desert area, I felt hands on my thighs and orgasms. I closed my eyes and saw a demon. I was in a kingdom and this demon was making a show of having sex with me in front of 5 people.

His face color is orange, tanlike, and shaped like a rectangle lying down. I said you are ugly and he replied have you seen your husband? Then they all started laughing. He came to me cloaked. That means he looked like AIR when he whispered for me to leave.

Then I had another vision of being in bed with someone and they would not tell me who. They later told me it was a white man.

So i picked up ROCKS and began to throw them in every direction encircled around me.

I went back into the airport. As I walked, they were having a conversation about who the white woman was in this post. They said it was Shanna Moakler here Imagine…, oh wait, now it is Charlize Theron. I have talked to both of them in spirit. Do you get it? They tell lies to confuse and derail from the truth.

I am still here and you aren’t helping.

I sat down in the airport, and a demon walked in. A hispanic woman with blood red eyes. I attacked her twice. I walked into the bathroom and she gave a drug addict (satan) directions and money. Then said, the kids these days 🙄😒😐


As soon as I attacked, the illusions went away. Almost like a video game.

Outside, they tried to make me pull my pants down and piss outdoors like…take a guess. A dog.

If they were sincere, they would help me out of here instead of being concerned about anything else.

You’re fired.

It was not JESUS. It was some kind of demon alien. They said you are not a prostitute after all.

So anytime I post several times, it means they are here to attack.

The demon came down, had sex with me, brainwashed me while doing it, to take the form as a hispanic woman.

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