The funniest part

Of the scenario that happened this morning starting with this guy He is back and circling me. He is acting like he is on the phone, and talking about his dog and how she was shivering. They are calling me DAVIDS DOG. This man does not look like this., is that afterwards I went downstairs and qas standing in line. I looked up and caught three people staring at me. I said what are you looking at. What do you want?

The woman answered, you sais you wanted recycling.

You said you wanted recycling.

1. She is not talking to me but what is inside of me.

2. She is not talking about recycling garbage.

3. She is double speaking here and she is talking about recycling my husbands soul.

OKAY? You have to catch what they are saying. They are really psychotic and are ghosts on top of people.

I think the one who said it was the black man I spoke of before. O saw him yesterday and he has big eyes and his stalking me. Greyhound Bus Driver, Stalker alert

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