When I am out of reality. .

They are playing me in reality so that when I come back to life I see fake things and believe it is real but it is a reenactment of the act they played while I was dead seeing demons.

They copy the way I am first by eating the foods I like to eat, ruffle cheddar chips, then sanitizing their hands, until I am denied of what I need and my life is confused to the point where it attaches itself to them.

While I am dead they act like me for free objects, free plane tickets, hotel rooms. They keep me on the streets to treat me like a dog.

My sister Brande, and Danielle Gaetano, I remember hearing them laugh along time ago. They said don’t give her what she wants. Now I know why. If I get what I want then I am being myself. They are acting like me, and telling me in my mind I want something else to act like. So they go and eat what I eat, and kill me after.

They use magic to place me outside of reality (kill me) to choreograph my next move while spending my money. Then, they use magic for my spul to go back into my body, and put me to sleep thereafter.

My phone will be off for a week. I do not receive money until Tuesday and the ones “running the show” are stealing from me to keep me on the streets. That is the truth.

Have a great day.

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