A story

I want to tell you something. I use to have a friend named Cherita. We worked together and every so often would get together to hang out. I found out years later that she lied to me about most things.

A few years ago I was in Nashville, TN at the Marriott. There was a man working their who resembled Cherita’s younger brother. Now I had already ran into a man who looked like an older version of my nephew. At that time i could hear my sister in spiriti and upstairs crying, adament that it was her 2 year old son as a 40 somethibg year old man.

Well, Cherita was in spirit and above me at the time when she saw this man working at Marriott. i heard her say that that is my younger brother and i am sorry Danielle but i am using you to pursue him.the man was in his 50s.

My sister and family talks to balphomet and favors him over me because he can make a dead spirirt a demon. They also force it to sleeo with me and tell everyone we are married and that our marriage is arranged just so that they can speak to ny demonic grandmothers. They really do not care about me. Theyhate me.

Balphomet can change a person and put that person through a aging period. He is an alien,the balphomet I alway talk about. He can change you to an alien and make you AGE. His name is Jerry.

I just saw cherita a macys. She lives in the carolinas but is in las vegas and happened to be in macys in the shoe dept where i was. I said hi cherita, and she said oh thats not my name in a white upbeat voice.🙄

Now in the elevator yesterday at the mall i heard a white woman say qhere is bam bam? The white who commintted suicide. Do you get what they are doing to me now?

But Cheritas son sat across from her and i saw cheritas ex at the cosmo last week.

Whomever arranges these meetings you should be looking for me luggage.

look at me:

ghost on my face yet again

i am tired, sick and do not have time for games. look at my face, what has been done to me. Your priorities are fucked up.

You say it wasnt me but I can see and hear you in the spirit world or different place. I am telling you the truth and Brande just said call the ui company and I want her in the hospital. I am really tired from this.

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