So far THREE PEOPLE have approached me to put a mask on. Meanwhile at minimum, about 20 people have walked by without one on.

I would like to point out that right after I stepped into this casino I heard alicia keys call me her bitch and I heard other celebrities say they are shocked because she and her husband are the ones doing this to me.

When Quincy Jones wanted to help me you junped way out of your seat to hide me so that no one could discover me.

I hear Nicki Minaj stuck up snotty voice too. In spirit you called my handicapped daughter a hunchback. You are a witch, you look like one and you are simple and basic at heart. You were simple and basic before all the plastic. Long chin.

And you make hand movements lile you are mentally ill. Because only a mentally ill person would male fun of a handicap child. Get Nasir Jones off of me

Then, as I made a reservation,I heard them say my husband is a mobster and I do not know it and my som is a bad person and I don’t know that either and that the boss is about to hear what they are doing to me.

The above paragraph is not true. What is really going on is that there are celebrities who have spirit warriors and people who perform magic watching over them and I am one of those people. They are upset that some of the spirit warriors publicly embarassed them so they felt the need to find a witch to take my power and play me so that they can find the men hurting them ao they can reciprocate when they hurt themselves.

All day they have been asking me if I care about them. Do you care about you?

What they don’t know is that when they collapse or get publicly embarassed its because their spirit warrior is dying because they refuse to listen.

And I also heard them say it was barack obama helping me too.

As I write this I hear that it is Igdalia.

I think some of the whisperings are spirits clawing their way up out of hell

You care more about this:

I hear Renee loud mouth from the mob wives.

And I heard a woman say where is BAM BAM from the mtv show. The one who died.

I saw lady gaga outside of the veil and heard madonna crying more than once for me to leave.

Right now they are talking about my teeth my breath and my bra. Grow the fuck up.

But Madonna cares. And Pharell cares about Madonna.

Good Morning.

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