I have a man following me around who is acting like Jay-z. I think he just began acting like Jay-z because I have seen Jay-z and Beyonce when I had my spiritual awakening. They asked a witch what would happen if I win because I came back to life and got my life back. The witch told her my future. Then I was attacked by Beyonce, when I was attacked she took my memories and all I learned. Yes, this is all hard to believe but it really did happen. I was in Utah and heard ny older sister says i am better than danielle, give me the project she is retarded, i heard beyonce say the same with kim kardashian, and then I heard them say give it to beyonce. Her and jayz were in a black vortex and both her holding and in front of me and beyonce looked back before talking to this oracle woman about me because she was put in hell when I came back. After being left pretty much brain dead, I was put in a dark pit and saw aliens doing what trump and beyonce was telling them to do with building my restaurant. My books, I heard them say get the best writers we will publish. My retreat the rock is there working on with alicia keys. They pretty much took my projects and left me for dead.

In this black pit i had all different beings attacking me, saw them swimming and they said they would be redeemed with my project. At that time i was in communication with a mormon woman, talking with her about them.

But this guy, I remember seeing him drive a car with this football team on the side of the vehicle:

He is telling these things to follow me and I recently seen him alone in a white mist. He saaid see Danielle, it is fake. But then I still did not get out.

I just heard Beyonce talk and say she wants privacy. If not her it is Michelle, Jasmines friend.

Beyonce became upset because the project I was working on was created to save lives and I pointed out hers was to have black women shake their ass in the middle of the street (as i witnessed)

Their was a retarded man that lived near me growing up, his name was Richie and he looks alot like Jay-z.

And i hear either john smith, jim jones or camron talking.

About Beyonce, one time I mentioned in my own thoughts that i did not like how she had her hair up in a side braid like a little girl. They took offense and forced me to put a braid in my hair and listen to beyonce music upstairs. Beyonce has electricity in the middle of her forehead ams so does rihanna and thet ARE NOT HUMAN.

AND…Beyonce is back. She just asked,”what did she do”?!

She just said before you do anythong she is dying over here so if she dies over there is isnt coming back.

Beyonces reasoning: i had him firstthats why. He, has NOTHING to do with my work

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