While in the casino I was told that they are separating my daughter from me and that she is mean. Then I heard them say remove todd and his friends. Then they said leave the casino danielle.

Omar Reveron is one of them. Tomy Ortiz.

This guy looks at me, picks his cell phone up, i turn back and he puts the phone back into his pocket

Omw back i was told my mother grew up in kansas, not Tn, and that my sisters i know are not my sisters. It is Raul and i was kidnapped. Whoever is controlling the ghost is inside of the casino.

And Margarita and Siobhan is using my face as a costume. Someone caught her out and she said she was embarassed because they removed the veil off of her, and she was punched in the face for lying. Smiling in my family face about me, being kind, and causing me all minds of torment with her cops friends playing undercover.

I go into the casino and hear all i want is her money. She clearly said outloud she doesnt care about anything else but my money.

When I walked inside the casino after catching them tallking about me, they froze and acting dumb and stupid like robots. What did that woman tell me yesterday? I am on a winning team and to repent. Phony loser.

I guess its another “Focus” day.

One name is Bianca.

Nany poohs slow mother is here. She is a witch. I am going to post her photo up here.

I am around a bunch of losers.

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