You keep poking me,

But get pissed off when I tell you the truth. You are ungrateful. You have spirit warriors using your soul when you drink and do drugs before getting on stage. You collapse and wonder why, you blame them when they have died for you several times.

So you want to use my power to hurt them for helping your stupid ass get rich? And you have these things following me around for you because you need me to play the spirit warrior.


They were sent from God to help you, and you go on stage performing SATANIC RITUALS. AND GOD STEPS IN AND YOU GET MAD.

So you come and attack me for your stupid ass failures?

That is why people stay away, BECAUSE YOU CANNOT ACCEPT THE TRUTH.

And you have attacked a few people and refuse to come down because you are afraid they are going to find you, and find out what you did.

You keep telling me they are evil, mean, assholes but so far what I have seen on both sides is not good.

One is pointing fingers and the other is a slime ball out of frustration and anger that he is dead, stuck, and refuses to admit it.

So dear celebrity, why don’t you talk to your spirit warrior and find out where he is because he is in a realm somewhere, stuck and probably hoping you would care enough because he does all these silly things to get your attention.

He does not cause you to fall on your face. That is God.

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