I Don’t Play

That is a response I heard from a black woman I use to work with. I name, somehow I do nor remrmber ir because theu are still cursing me. A church going woman, big foreheaded light brown eyes and shrek looking. She has such a nice kind voice. She is cheese. She cursed me and called me black girl inrerrupted becsuse I said something about her IN MY THOUGHTS. They put it in my head to hear my thoughts, they use a demon to do this. And, my sister just had a heartattack because, I CAN HEAR THEM 😒…she is in Vegas too!

Another one is “Joy”. She is darkskinned and has warts on her chin. Anorher church going woman who thoughr it ok to curse me, using a demon. She is acting like my aunt TIRA. SHE IS PRETTIER THAN YOU.

So it has been almost 10 years now. Where are my lost wages, peace of mind and lost years, huh tracey price and tracey pelella? Yes, I think I am prettier than Saweetie too. Yes, why are they still in me? WHY ARE THEY IN MY MIND? I KICKED THEM OUT LONG AGO?

Cockroaches coming up from the cracls of a house I NEVER WANTED.

Then Yaser Yaser is the hero and saved the day somehow. He felt the need to step into my family situation,act like my kids father and DO NOT TELL HER EVER, WHY. WHO THINKS THESE COMPLAINTS ARE OKAY? All of them kept me from MY family and wasted my life for JESUS.

I hear, Motherfucker i will keep my word till the day i die. How could you lie to a human being about something detrimentsl to their life and believe you have the right to do so?

Watch mean girls.

I am not a church going woman anymore. And I don’t have a problem telling you when I have a vision if it us from God or not. I know how it works. Jealous?

And you are around me with your family, for what? To corner me? I think you hace done enough.

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