They did this to me yesterday

Caused me to sleep at least 7 times so that security in the casino could harass me. Pound on the furniture snd say hey no sleeping.

They also tried to set me up yesterday. They are people who got out and one of them is this woman This one is playing my sister.

Now if you reveal yourself to me we can figure this out together.

They had this black guy with dreads sit next to me and offer me money and then made me say i will kill someone to get out. I left thar area and this man called the ambulence and was speaking to police. They put actors in me and I was told claire danes is here and one of rhem too but no, it is someone who is not wrapped to tight.

what they are doing is pittong this blob ghost thing inside my brain and into their cell phone and telling me what to do and messing with my respiratory and nervous system to ultimately kill me.

I heard a kim artist and Sundralette say im going to keep you here to beat your ass everyday. Yeah. Okay. Its ramona too now.

What else…

It was something important here but forgot.

I have a white woman with dirty brown hair following me around posing in disguise as a big fat white man. She looks like one of the shapeshifters in true blood. Her and the drug addict playoming todd worl together.

But i was told to listem to what they tell me. I do,and nothing good comes of it.

Whoever you are sister, people like you michael, killed Jesus.

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