I am not talking about Batman


I need for you, whoever is following me to go about your way. The Spiritual Awakening process has made some major changes within me. I have seen a glimpse of hope and good without instructions on how to go for it.

The bad things I have been seeing, most of it is true somewhere I would rather not be.

In fact, I think I might take a break because my faith is not so good right now, I am not happy with the church or the people I know who attend the church and I am not happy with my life.

While put out of my house I struggled too much. I was forced to sleep on the grass, forced to work for racist people, and forced to walk for miles without a car. I picked up recipes along the way. I found what I loved despite the struggle, and my creations, my work, was taken from me. My work was for my family to have a better life.

It was a product from my struggle.

Then I was told it was a gift from God from my spiritual awakening, but I am not good enough for the gift.

The good inside of me was removed like everything else taken and I was left a shell. I am in pain, somewhat. You know it is Jesus when he cures all your pain.

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