i am here, by the door. There are about 4 women here who are lying about who they are, and waiting for me to be rid of spirits, so thar jasmine or igdalia, or yamairs, one of them can fight me.

You know where i am losers.

i was lured here so you can watch me and twirl your fake weave between your fingers?diana, so you arent diana. If so, because she denies her name is diana, she has blondde box braids in her hair. Christina, was that you behind the mask? I was RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU IF IT WAS.

i am tired of childish games.

its so funny that i am homeless and i look pathetic while you watch me with your cheap weaves and clothing. 🙄 i dont get it. I am here, what do you want. More of my money?

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