Mom in spirit just screamed along with my kids together to call the police and tell them that Alexis Evans and Jasmine Evans is trying to kill me.

My phone is shut off.

Alexis Evans is a distant cousin, whi got out long ago, and her twin is really men. She was raised in a really poor disposition, and has also stolen my things to play me to the point of obsession. I have heard even her mother say that she is prettier than me so she deserves the blessing (my life). Someone has tried to kill me 3 times already, from my understanding her mother is in the hospital and they put me on her to help the patient, her mother.

I didn’t sign up for that. I am beingtold I have no choice and cursed evertday. Free will liberty and all that.

My right foot, my pinky toe is out. I am limping, tired, and have to inform that I won’t be accomplishing much today.

Harlem Nights

and someone snapped a photo of me from outside cuz im such a superstar.

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