Sp wjatever they took from my mind yesterday morning they used to watch what i have been doing here in Las Vegas. I am at wynn right now and the people i cannot see went through my belongings, ome of them had sex with me in front of eceryone. Instead they told me it was my daughter. A white man with brown hair, and i can hear celebrities asking quedtiond about me.

Its funnny i habe nowhere to sleep and thst my pandora bracelet is cheap when your desires and attentions are cheaper.

You care about the cost pf my clorhing more than your own choices in life. And you are doing undeehanded thing. Someone is bragging about how she embarased me for yesrs out of envy.

Thats all.

I qas told to write here that it is pete wentz, he id mean, and chad dawson.

That is what i get for praising Jesus and going to bible study. My baptismlanded me in prison and ridiculw.

They have sex parties in front of people amd are perverted disgusting individual out to permanently damage ypur virtue amd they claim the illuminati. They are trash and has a man through a cigarette at me earlier on the street.

If i had a knife or idl, a gun, i wouldbt be writing this. He is the enemy and newds to be put down.

And security here i this gane is pointing out ny qhereabouts behind my back.

They do this to make me nasty. Thet made me drink baby milknrhis morning, forcing it down my throat. They changed ne to little gurl and he is hving sex with the little girlwith grown up mentality.

For the past hour margarta rubbed on my chest and private area, and then kissed me on the cheek and saud im done.

I hate every single one of rhem. But i guesd i shouls aay i love them.

I saw MYA the singer

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