Short mexican man

They are hiding a short mexican man from me. I saw him walk thru a door and they put me to sleep. My eyes closed by this:

They told me the man I saw was Jesus and he hates me. If Jesus is in the emerald light, then just what is going on here? I havent had coffee all mornomg amd just finished pizza after walking for miles. He asked me not to drink or eat. Them told me he was satan. Then, in my hesrt i was told not to.

But what is next? Nothing. That is my problem. So I do not est in 90 degree westher. You didnt fly me away on your chariot.

You left me behind

And i read the bible today. But i uave been questioned all morning by cops and the alien thing in my head. They got me again. They went thru my nemories and did more than just that.

They hace a mexican man following me around, i was told he followed me into the bathroom. He is playing david. Yes, another guy in my face being fake. You’re catching on!

I hesr a Shareef crying. He sais I didnt do anything to anyone and thar i was setuo but he will take the fall for ut because he beleives I am his wife.

They made me think my family qas scresming for me to find them.

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