What has happened today?

I was asked several questions today by the police or someone who recently killed me and shuffledcthrough my memories and thoughts. I was admiring the fact that Safari and Girlfriend are great parents. I was asked if Safari was Jesus and if David ever slept with Safaris girlfriend.

I was told that my father was slow and he needs my life more than me, and to make me retarded. Paul Brown or the police officer , the blonde, from hamden should jave minded his bisiness about my relations

Mannequuin, I am fake and a mannequuin. Instead of the officer focusing on the fact that i was mirdered he calls me fake to further curse me and kill me too.

And David is the angel. No, qell he might be an angel but he also went un my past and i am an angel of LIGHT.

We all are something, but you got it confused.

I walked away after eating, cop drove past me, look disturbedand the noise in my head stopped. I also felt power. Whoever it was needs his ass whipped because he has my soul in him, that means he killed me.

A security guard just approached me and my eyes shut almost as if I were about to go to sleep.

And my father said danielle i will give you your life, money and thingd. Then he disappeared. So who was thst becsuse he alway says that.

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