Two demons

In the mall I walked around and figured a fews things out. As i continued to walk I heard beyonce say she was spooked when she saw an exhibit. I turned around where i was and found a arabic couple holding hands with a paralyzed look on their face. They were demons, attached themselves to my head and killed my daughter in spirit.x

Something made me slow so i could not recognize it was a demon in deont of me. Afterwards i heard beyonce again, thus time she said she thats all i am going to do. Shes necer getting out

Borh are wearinf AX tshirts, the AX is neon green, the tshirt is dark blue. The woman has mid lentgh black hair.

Pre demons I thought about my daughter, how lovingg she is and felt love in ny heart. I felt the mom in me.

After demon sightings they killed me and copied what i did for the day and i dont have the loving me in me roght now

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