Another Stage

So after they kill you: An Explanation

The next stage is this:

The next stage, is that they have people follow you and talk to you to intimidate you, and although it is fake there aee cowardly celebrities behind the curtain. And someone is commanding them to act this way.

After the creature talks to you and acts like Jesus telling you to get your gifts, thry kill you shortly after, then make it to publicly embarass you. I heard a voice that sounds like david say keep talking shit to her.

I was lured and told to come to this casino, so that the garbage inside her can “talk shit” to me after this same thing talking to me in my head kept telling me to find my gifts.

This creature:

Makes you see fake things.

1. Mexicans galore. I was called a bitch by a mexican man for using my eyeballs.


That dollar on the floor was for me to pick up. That is am insult. Right next to this woman is…


Either a police officer or person in mafia acting asleep.

4. All the thoughts that I had about how much I loved and missed my daughter, the thoughts are gone. The comversations about who I am and my blessings are gone. Out of my mind.

5. She has power and I want it…thays what i hear now (the paradigm talking), becuse I have heard that too many times from you.

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