It’s Time To Celebrate His Death AGAIN!!!

Lets make a hell out of the procession eh? Kill Jesus for another greedy pocket. Mmm, and satan is so enticing wiyh his feel good dick. It feels like the greastest high in the vagina.

I am tired of seeing demons, thats all I am going to say. Oh, and, I do not like magic in the private part unless its real with my husband.

Don’t possess a man, fuck him in the ass, and call him a faggot because he moaned when you stroke, I mean hypnotized and raped him, demon. What the demon does is use magic to make your anal area and vagina prickle with orgasms.

What Jesus does is make you orgasm and prickles in all your chakras, put mostly in your forehead. The sex is a plus, a perk. And, the guilt and lust does not exist with Jesus, and the feeling of oh this feels good, is a natural confession.

Jesus isn’t gay. If he is, ok. But he is not. And neither are his brothers. Satan is gay.

I know what you are doing to me. You are selling my belongings for money and making me think and believe I am poor to further steal from me. I am rich and a celebrity.

I know that already.

And God bless you too!

I don’t need my picture taken for a topic such as this going on. I am telling you this is what happens to the people and spirits that help us. And then they are called horrible names like faggot, whore, bitch…

You should care and do your research, or just keep smoking while your soul is being rescued in hell. I guess your guilt will change your mind.

I love you most. No, I love you more.

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