Whoever is doing this keeps brainwashing me, to hear what I think, then hurries before me, using my identity to play me. He said, I do what you want before you. I was going to check my account again to see if the 10.00 was in there from cash app to my card.

It would not log me in because someone logged in before me and was in my again.

This one, uthas been over 14 days. The day U swiped my card to stay here they told me it was declined. I cancelled my reservation knowing I had the money to cover it. They took my money anway. Then refunded, it us the procesd you cannot trust. A REFUND SHOULD NOT EVER TAKE THIS LONG.

I was informed by a spirit being controlled by a person, that, I WAS PAYING FOR HER FLIGHT HOME. SHE SOUNDS LIKE MARGARITA BUT COULD BE SOMEONE ELSE.

I heard Ryan being questioned about who was here. Margarita with tish and jason or malokai. Shortly after, something kept using magic to cause me to blackout and I heard my older sister and khalilah talking then. I was informed my oldest sister is using my isentitt acting like me, lying to celebritkes and i heard khalilah lying about me. I was singing a song and a celebrity asked if that isnt her, who is singing? One of them said, oh thats mw. I also heard alicia keys say to someone i thought we had a deal to make he retarded.

And I saw the ghost talking to me.

(Dog) and drita

I was told ludacris is my cousin and is insane, and does not care.

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