Out of here

I am in a dimension where i am around lying, rotten people. They publicly tañk about me, steal from me and act like I am the problem.

I would like nothing more than to get out of here. I have been talkong to Jesud for sometime and I have not received a I will help you get out now, and actually get it done.

A few minutes ago I said I am going to have to do somerhing because I have tried everyrhing else. I get disrespected by random people in this cult i never signed up for, and by fake police. Harassed.

I get 385 a week struggling to find a place to sleep. I was told I cannot work because I am dangerous, the jobs applications I have applied to were hacked in the past. I cant tell you the last time I have seen my family.

I have no friends or family here.

All i see is sin and satancand I am tired, sick and want to go home.

I came to Vegas because the cost of living is cheap. But the people here where I am act cheap with their morals and I want someplace happy.

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