The made up story

So now i hear people trying to pin me for murdering someone

They keep paying prostitutes and homeless people to come up to me

Apparently they took my kids and are setting people up by committong murder using other peoples faces

I am on trial for a crime i would never commit so that someone could have a free ride in the judicial system? Reallt Jesus? Is this what is left for me after graduating colllege to feed my kids? Becauze from my understanding it all should be free and i have enemies turning and twisting scenarios for my money.

Lastnight i heard my daughter and a man. He said take all your clothes off. She cried it hurts and he said im your husband so you have to deal with it

I have been through the same scenario lile the one above

Then i am told my kids rans away and noone looked for them, they are adopted

I have a fake world created, RAUL Claimed it as all his when it belongs to me. ,

I said if it is hell i dont want dirt and filth amd they can keep it, you and your tribe because that is not me.

Then, a few days ago i hear margairta on trial crying saying that david ia an evil monsters, he laughs in my face and smiles bit he does evil and thinks its fun. He made her kill people.

They leep telling me it is the illuminati and i am homeless amd i have to do what they to get out or else.

God created a world for me to keep me safe and someone is telling lied out of jealousy, hate and greed.

And i know it is the police or sone lame retired veteran butthurt about the system who has time on his hands to make up lies to put on my head. Whoever it is you are pathetic.

I heard shawnee crying. She saud Lee she will never find out dont worry about it. What is wrong with people? Where is my family and why are they still getting away with this dumb shit?

I went to the casino becsuse i had nowhere else to go and i was told by a ghost to just saay it is noce and leave because that is all they want from me

I saw a shadu asian man, the chinese food man talking with secuirty turn amd walk away whem i approached i seen him before somewhere

Then, davids white luke perry looking friend came out and said he is the one who has bren having sexz with me somewhere making me retarded. His wife said she wants a divorce and david cried and said just come home danielle i miss you

Then lastnight a celebrity said that paris hilton and kim kardashisn are petty and would do these linds of things to me. And that Paris Hilton callls people trash and it wasnt Trumps daughter.

I am beyonce, but becsuse i dont know what to do because they make me retarded all the time, sheis done. But it is either alexis, or todds cops friend usong my blessing and beyonce knows this-whoever it is using her

It is either you, sasha fierce, or someone playing you.

I heard beyonce say that thar is nother mother, and my mothers twin say what? How does she know information about me? They stole mt things and beyonce used witcjcraft magic on me to learn my history in utah. That is what i was shown twicd

To cover up her story, which is why i ha e cheap hoes following me around, looking me up and down to say i am lesd of a person for not having my body hanging out a freakum dress

I heard her in vegas apologizong to people and how i got it qrong bug she neglected to tell them that i was walking outside alone in the dark to nowhere to sleep while she lied to these people.if it isnt you beyonce, your twin or someone playing you needs help

And siobhan you need to go sit in the corner, shut your mouth because you are not funny

Jenell, MYA

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