Discovery & Facts

What I have found after my spiritual awakening are a few startling facts.

When I was 17, I man looked at me and sais, you look lile Charlize Theron. She has continued to grow on me. When I was a child, my older sister Marci, told me I looked like Charlize Theron in the movie Monster. While being possessed qith a demon, and told that I am Charlize Theron, I noticed that, I was acting like the real woman from the movie Monster.

I posted the video yesterday. It is a program.

Then I realized that aftwrwards, I see pictures, tshirts of dead people: Tupac, Selena, Aaliyah, Eazy E.

I asked myself lastnight what that purpose was for me? Is it to tell me in a passive aggressive way that I am around dead people? Or are you telling me something deeper.

You have killed TALENTED PEOPLE.

I didn’t mean to say TALENTED BLESDED PEOPLE.

I meant to say TALENTED PEOPLE for THAT reason partially.

When my luggage was stolen, I was told by one of these demon fairy things that my legacy was taken and I will not complete it.

Is that what you strived to do with TUPAC, SELENA, AALIYAH?

Did you killed them to end their legacy? Are you trying to ruin and kill me just like them too?

It is the enemy. And then you try to make me beleive or act as if I am that woman in Monster to remove the real message of who I really am.

I do not believe that any good happens here. The good takes place upstairs.

Then you tell me I am Beyonce and to act like her. And you attack me..

Then you call me “ONE OF THEM”

After telling me to act, you call me one of them demonic alien things to fool me, and tricked these psychotic demonic alien puppet things that I am one of them.

You tell me to act like Kim Lardashian so that I can be laughed at and ridiculed by them. I hear them and Scott all the time, I saw Kim more than once amd heard her say she won my family.

You tell me I am this great person, and then you put something in my head and over my vision to give me the oppositise.

You are either a hispanic person, nazi or psychotic woman.

You tell me I am Alicia Keys and to act like her, then yoy show me a music video about her singing how a suicide or death was a way to die.

Does that mean that these womem work for the “order”


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