Balphomet Hero

What he does is talks to myself and other people. He says ok, at the next stop I need you to get offthe bus and leave all of your things behind and do not look back.

I do what he says like everyone else. Everyone else gets out of this web of hell, but me. He convinced the others that everyone is free to go. That means ALL of us.

I get back on the bus and notice that i am sitting near aliens, the real people are behind me at the stop smiling.


He told the strangers who are actually the navy ehat would take place prioir to that monent. He did not tell Danielle anything prior to that moment. But, they all think he did. He took my children. And they know what kind of lying, insane, monster you are. He acts like a general in the army, is gay, and apparently in love with my EX too. They are an item 😒. The jealousy felt is from him. He makes himself look like me, and he is really a monster.

He just grabbed my stomach like we are chummy chummy with each other. He is really playing himself, and is embarassed right now.

I just saw David leave, crying.

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