Eat grass…

And this is off topic…but the Navy or police, if I tell you to eat grass or something from the ground it is because i am speaking TO MYSELF and you are USING ME without my approval.

If i say eat grass it is because the enemy has got you and is making you eat things lik you are an animal

You are being treated like an animal

So a police officer was pissed and butthurt that 🙄😒 i made you I MEAN ME eat grass to save your life. You are pathetic.

Let me tell you all what she did. She got out of hell and complained to her cop friends and enforcement that i made her eat grass and she was going to locate me here and fuck with me everyday because of what i did to her when she was in hell using me to get out.

I reversed the roles to save your ass and you came after me to make me look stupid here? Honey God is weighing your evil little heart.

If the enemy tells you to eat grass he is your master.

If you tell yourself to eat grass, you are the master of your body.

So you got out, came all the way here to locate me, to reciprocate my actions towards you. You are a fool!

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