I need a new life

Because this is not my life and I am not accepting it. And I do not need Janina, Jasmine, Igdalia or your cousin to tell me something I already know.

I don’t want to know any of you, or the people I wrote on here except my family. I am not starving for celebrity acceptance. Who said that 50 was paying them lastnight? A mobster acting like Brande, my sister. Oh wait, we are not family anymore. That is what she says all the time. We are not sisters anymore.

And Janina and Jeanette:

“We knew what it was. We knew it wad Rick Ross so we got people to act like them, and we acted like her because we felt she didn’t deserve it.”

Someone in the family told lies on me, set me up and I have a ton of enemies and my life is gone. I am sorry they lied to you for money and fame.

Yes, I know what this is but they wasted too many yeard of my life and i am not trying anymore so can you plesse turn around and leave and find out who keeps sicking their animal cop dogs on me because when i get up you all are gonna be fired.

-I planned to have another child and they took that from me

-I planned to write my books and they took that from me

-They took my education, my family, my money, my house, my car

-they took more than 10 years of my life

-They took everything from me and I am the only one seen here in handcuffs. What the fuck is wrong with this picture here?

-get rich dollars, 50, pharell, missy, drake, eminem, nas, all of them away from me, including the greedy, thirsty, groupies.

Thanks for trying to help me, and i am sorry that my family lied to you and told you that i am retarded. I am not retarded. They planned my life because they knew what this was and removed me from the scebario ehen it is my life. Where was I? Oh, I was jist in college! They put a demon over my face to put me into the hospital and talk to people using my face. My sister brande is apart of it, and my mother just told me it was her, but it isnt. It is her twin or someone playing her, a police officer or valerie.

My mother is upstairs somewhere really pissed off about what she is hearing because you all are wrong. I know who my mother is.

and Brande, i heard you talking down to me yesterday to convince either nicki minaj, mya or beyonces sister that you are telling the truth. You see, shen she does this to me, she curses ne so that i cannot hear what is being said to me. When all of them play a hand in assualting me, they attack the teenager, not the woman, and then call themselves Queen


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