So because i was put in handcuffs by an aninal that means i lost my kingfom, my family, and that they are going to have to endure rape by ugly, criminals and legit navy men. I habe been hesring my daughter, not dog my daughter fron another life crying all day because they are raping her. That is the business. Shady criminals fucking my family from another time.

Do you see what I am saying here now?

That is the business here. And raul or victor, one of them is using witchcraft to put me to sleep.

I heard a white man say just rape her , have sex with her until she dies. White man from the navy .

Later on in the store, he blamed trump. Where is my daughter?

I have been hearing my daughter cry and tears felt on my face and i am getting really pissed off.

You people stole my things. The ones who arrested me stole my belongings and are aliens

They are not cops

One of them played men in black musin and was dancing. My hands are still sore. They killed me and gave my life to a hispanic girl i went to cross highscool with who is a police officer in new haven. She thanked him and said she never knew.

She new and dug into my families business with her mousy stupid ass. Her sister name is diana.

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