Let me tell you what it is

The celebrity comes along to help you find your way out to freedom by the use of your talent. You get “put on”

While I was in college, Yamaira and Angelica or Shawnee (acting like my sister, using her face) met celebrities and told them that I am retarded, and found women for the celebrities to put on to get out of hell. And Cardi B was one of them.

After graduating from college, prior to that, they planned to put me in the hospital and take my life. They have tried to kill me more than 5 times. They caused me to have a seizure, blackout, used black magic to make me feel pain in the front of my body, burned my face and feet, body, choked me, siobhans laughs all the time with beverly and says its is funny, but they put this thing in my head and they repeat thay i am braindead, to kill me.

It is not my real sister brande doing this to me because before she got out she told me on several occasions what it was, dropped hints, and showed me pictures with her and celebrities.

Someone is using her face and I am told once you get out a police officer replaces you and uses your face.

Yamaira was in my house using witchcraft on me to take my life and tell Chris Brown that he found her and not me.

I was also told that I am Alexis now, my cousin, and not myself because Alexis is prettier, has no stretchmarks and is classier.

What happens is the celebrity ghosts or spirit warrior comes along, and tries to help you to advance you to the next level. Yamaira, and Brande, used witchcraft on me to take my life and say oh, it wasnt her, it was us. She is retarded, and oh it isnt her.

I didnt know anything that was going because i did not know what it was. I was too busy writing 10-20 page essays in college while you were parading around acting like me with tpain, noreaga, and others, and telling them that i am retarded. I did not know they were around me because they thought i was talented.

One of them was Beyonce.

I was told by them i won a record deal, dye my hair, get surgery and all. I have a nice voice. Then, Yamaira and others went along and found strippers and other women to act like me. Margarita found her cousin who sings at conventions to say oh, she sings better than Danielle. Shelley did the same, so did Siobhan. And they were my friends!

That is the business they made out of my life for one of my blessings.

It has been over 10 years now. Do you honestly think I want that for my life right now?

And when the celebrities came along to help me, these women would scream that i have saggy tits, stretchmarks, green teeth, stds, that my hair is falling out, they would say all these things to ruin my chances of getting out. Take their clothes off. And desiree fontaine is one of them running that shit show which was my promise for salvation.

That is the truth.

They just told me it is victor otero finding the strippers. That is why they have half naked women coming up to me, bending over with their tits out.

That is another reason why.

Instead of getting help, my life became what it is on the bottom link.

I need a new life

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