i hope you read what you needed to move on. I am taking this down for a little while. These, people, have turned me into hateful after publicly and personally stabbing me behind a curtain. Why? I have been stabbed for years and they are mad because I raised my head a little higher and found who what where and why was being done to me, and some of you.

i think I have been arrested enough, called a slave too much, raped enough in spirit, stalked enough, and victomized enough. I have an islamic man playing a love interest towards me to spend my money and he is absolutely stupid because he thinks I believe what he says to me, I have catty, nasty women following me to dress up in cheap clothing and stunt, to say I am better than you, when you havent realized that life is more than tits, ass and sex. I have grown men forming together to take me down because I killed a cop (lie), I am an animal (lie), I am a bitch (lie).

I hope that everything that has happened to me, happens to you tenfold. I have already told you about curses, but what you have done needs discipline.

And, I don’t hate Jesus. I hate you.

Ask me what I have done to deserve this. Nothing to these people who hate me because i won and they cant seem to win on their own and need some guidance or assistance.

i dont want a record deal, i dont want to meet you celebrity, i dont want anything from anyone of you.

I have to go on knowing that i will not see my family again out of your greed. I hope your family gets swiped from your sight. I hope you lose all your opportunities for happiness by devil worshippers as the ones you hired to harm me, I hope you get setup in the worst way. You wasted enough of my life.

I am going to take this down on a temp basis. I do not think that the ones following me should gain any good from me. The ones racial profiling me with their stupid ass animialistic mindset and actions.

Yes, there is bad on here to distract you from the good and truth. Hopefully you got what you needed.

good luck

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