You can have it!

You all can have all of that back because I do not want it. I do not want the memory, the haunts or the information. You cannot demand to know my perspective, what i think etc, and if it is you doing this to me you will not be for long.

The last thing on my mind is that you all played a hand in my life for your lackluster stardom and sex. You went really far to ruin my character, life and future.

How many women are you going to toss in his face to try to make him forget me? That is why your marriages have failed. You are prostituting women and using pussy and sex as leverage with my childrens father and other peoples lives.

You are the ones who are sick.

And David, you would find your way back if you really cared. I am tired of hearing you cry, I am tired of hearing them talk, threats, moans, climaxes.

Get all of this bs off of me and delete them all from my memory.


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