Final Days: Las Vegas Experience

“On one hand, and…”

One of them hanging on the street came up to me and said, what you ha e all of your clothes in your bag? Police, someone has hired these people.

Myrtle Beach is the same way. These people follow you around, stalk you, and use police to get in your business.

When i was at the Cosmopolitan Casino, i took the escalator down and saw two officer on the escaltor behind me . One of them made a motion to kick his foot out as if to say kick me off of the escalator, he doesnt like me, and wants me out of here.

Then i wondered if their boss or fbi has used me to get in their business or they are simply being judged for sin and hate me for it.

When I am off of the strip, they says i am not mentally fit and ok, and need someone to help me so that theycan further, mentally, get in mu busi esd and control me. This began to happen in FLORIDA and they has blossomed here in Las Vegas. In FLORIDA I was attacked by 5-7 of them

They are demons being controlled by police.

Oh yeah. My sister says this in front of my kids and family and others: danielle, you knew this was prostitution. Oh, and shawnee is my sister.

Yeah, for 10 years as i attented college i purposelly prostituted myself. My daughter cries, calls me crazy for not remembering things and goes away. Your aunt, someone is using witchcraft on me.

When can i see real people because i am tired of seeing and hearing ghosts?

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