ok. So no one is getting along. Just lile i have family, you do too. Itold you it is a boomerang with karma when it comes to me because i am not who you think i am. I am protected and guarded and if you are too, great, but fighting isnt solving anything.

i am writing here what is being shown and said to me.

i have family i would like to see, and as i try to ffigure thus out, they make me retarded so that i cant.

i just saw Beyonce and i am told to help her. Yes, i would love to, but i also have alot going on. And she has blonde brown cornbraids going down her back and is in disguise. I do not lmow how old this one is but that was a beyonce paradigm. And i saw her for 3 seconds before i changed.

and i am messing with the aliens because they are messing with me.

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