Police-how they keep a person in the lower dimension with their low standards for life

Sittong in the casino by myself and a movie playa in my head sbowing mmichelle show me my mother high on drugs, meaning they forced her to tale the drugs.

I lool up and security telld the fake people sitting down to keep going. Aliens. He put his hand up and madae a circular motion. That is what they do to plan my days. They create scenarios for me to watch.

You played yourself again.

You initially played yourself when you quoted a line from austin powers and tried to force me to watch the water fountain.

Theu tried to force me to believe that margarita sonned me and my sister bbrande, and david said margarita is playing kim kardashian

Kim kardashian won me and they refuse to allow her to help me and claim her prize

The police have done this to me before. My family are not drug dealers

And they create reason to get in my head to toy with me. They also tried to comvince someone i need to be with someone because i am traceling alone so that they can further stalk me to use my money and life

They said they won and arent giving up. Its not the fbi, but the ui company. Margarita is playing me and whoecer created the bs today is on her team.

They have done this before, before killing me and deleting the tapes


I cleaned her out, took her family and made her believe she was retarded

Regina mullings: dammit

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